We are poised to bring change and meaning to the lives of the less privileged and unemployed in Nigeria, through education, skill acquisition, financial empowerment, health care delivery etc.  

Safe Home for the Homeless

 About 13 million children across Nigeria live and survive on the streets. These children are seriously at risk and fighting for survival after losing or becoming separated from their parents. We want to use our expertise in education and in reconnecting orphans and street children with families to give these children a future. With your support, we have the power to stop these children from becoming a lost generation.Donate Today

Education for Less Fortunate

BHWO wants every Less fortunate child in Nigeria to be educated. Our project focuses on helping children from poor families, including those affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. Community education for behaviour change is also being addressed to reduce stigma, promoting the well being of neglected children from the slums. Provision activities shall also be conducted at the centre, acting as a model for other project within the community. It is intended, on a long term scale, that the school shall be modified to act as a correction facility for the community to promote the best interest of the children and the society at large. Donate Today


Health care delivery to the Less Fortunate

The alarming rate of poverty in our society today, in addition to the undesirable circumstances that surrounds many individuals, particularly the orphans and those that are suffering from one form of perpetual health deformity or the other, calls for passionate concern by Philanthropist. Access to health care delivery is limited to the under privilege. BHWO desires good health for all the less fortunate in Nigeria. You support we help us achieve our goals. Donate today

Skill Acquisition for the unemployed youth in Nigeria.

Over Five million Nigerian youths are unemployed resulting to violence and increase in the rate of crime. We are providing a platform to train and educate individuals on skills that can help create wealth, taking into cognisance the broad framework of the UNDP’s Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) – e.g. eradication of poverty. Participants will be trained free on the skills of their choice such as: shoe making, hair making, web design, graphics design, catering, event management and decorations, cinematography,bead making and wire works, carpentry, welding and fabrication. Be our partner to liberate our youth. Donate Today